Freitag 13. September 2024

Tarja and Marko Hietala

After a series of triumphant performances in South America, where Marko Hietala joined Tarja as a special guest for several SOLD OUT shows, the dynamic duo is now set to captivate European audiences with their enthralling collaboration.

The European tour, which kicks off in September in Germany, promises to be an unforgettable experience as these two familiar voices reunite on stage once again.

Tarja recently released her first greatest hits album, “Best of Tarja – Living the Dream.” The live show will feature a selection of songs from her career, also found on the Best Of, including fan favorites and her own personal picks.

Adding to the excitement, Tarja and Marko recently collaborated on the duet single ´Left On Mars´, which received widespread acclaim and further cemented their status as musical icons.

Marko will perform his own songs with his band before joining Tarja on stage for a night that promises to be nothing short of memorable.

Expectations are high as the duo continues to delight fans with both old and new songs, building on the success of their South American tour.


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